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Redditch Town Deal board speaks out following library decision

An independent body, made up of voluntary, public and private sector representatives have welcomed the decision by Worcestershire County Council to relocate the town’s library to a new community hub.

The library service will be joined by the NHS and Redditch Borough Council among other service providers at the soon to be transformed Town Hall in Walter Stranz Square.

Members of the Redditch Town Deals Board, which oversees the Town Investment Plan (TIP) and manages the Redditch Town Deal, covering development projects like the library and the public realm, have issued the following statements.

Redditch Business Improvement District (BID) Manager Muj Rahman said: “The County Council's decision can be seen as a positive step in promoting community engagement and accessibility to various services.

“By consolidating different organisations within a central location, the hub can provide a convenient and multifunctional space for community members to access a range of resources, including library services. This approach fosters collaboration and synergy among different organisations, potentially leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services to the public.

“Redditch BID will help and support any businesses that may be affected during the relocation process, whilst change can make a positive impact, the process of getting there needs to be well-planned and executed.”

Redditch Youth Providers Forum’s Chief Officer Pete Sugg said: " I am really pleased to be supporting the Redditch town centre’s regeneration and making sure young people play a lead role. Ultimately the Towns Fund projects will benefit greatly from these critical and refreshing perspectives on how to get Redditch moving.”

"Young peoples’ voice is co-ordinated by the Redditch Youth Providers Forum which brings together partners from all walks of life who have an interest in giving a voice to young people."

Redditch Borough Council Leader Matt Dormer, whose portfolio covers Economic Development, said: “The outcome of this one meeting is massive and will mean so much to Redditch, its communities and economic survival.

“And this is a giant leap towards the dream of regenerating Redditch which, on its completion, would also open up the Kingfisher Centre, improving the two-way flow of people.

“These plans can only mean good news for Redditch attracting shops and businesses which will increase the visitors to our town centre and providing more services for our residents.”

Interim Chair of the Board and CEO of Redditch Borough Council Kevin Dicks said: “This decision brings us a step closer to being able to provide a community hub which will become a focal point for our town and where all services can be accessed under one roof for the good of the community.”

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