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What is a 'Town Deal? 

The Town Fund is the name of the funding the government has launched to support towns like Redditch to improve their economy. 
To find out more, read the Town Fund Prospectus 

Will Redditch and the other 100 towns automatically get up to £25m? 

No, we will have to work with partners and the community over the next year to put together a strong investment plan and business case that the government will then need to approve. 

Have you already decided what you are going to spend the £25m on? 

No, the council will establish a ‘Town Deal Board’, which will include members from the local community, businesses, and other partners committed to improving Redditch.

The board will develop the investment plan. This plan will focus on the three key themes set out by the government for the fund: 

    • Urban regeneration, planning and land use
    • Skills and enterprise infrastructure
    • Connectivity – transport (roads, buses, cycling, walking) and digital connectivity like broadband

What is the role of the Town Deal board? 

The Board will be the vehicle through which the vision and strategy for the town is defined. The board will include members from the local community, businesses, and other partners committed to improving Redditch. 
Its key tasks will be: 

    • Develop and agree an evidenced based Town Investment Plan
    • Develop a clear programme of interventions
    • Coordinate resources and influence stakeholders.

Have you been given any funding to do the initial work? 

Yes, the council has received £173,029 'capacity funding' to prepare for the town deal and to deliver the following: 


    • Convene Town Deal Board
    • Run business and wider community engagement events
    • Develop Town Investment Plans
    • Commission technical expertise for business case development.

What is the role of the council? 

The council's primary role will be working with its community and partners to develop and agree the Town Deal with the government. 

Further development and implementation may be carried out by a variety of organisations but Redditch Borough Council will be the responsible body for the funds to the government. 

How will local people be involved? 

We have set up the Town Deal Board; this includes members from the local community, business, and other partners committed to improving Redditch. 

We will develop a plan on how to involve local people further in the coming months, once we have received further information from government. 
What we can say is that we will design a programme, through which we will ensure we hear directly from our communities with regards to their regeneration priorities. 

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